Durthas Clan

The Durthas Clan was a famous dwarvish clan, which in the year 967/3, conquered the Frostcrown Mountains and established the lost realm of Kronar.

Led by Haskanar the Bold, the Clan was sent on its epic quest by Dwarf-king Relgathor the Far-sighted of Orrek. After a bloody, twenty-year campaign, culminating in the epic battle of Morovar, Haskanar and his fellow dwarves conquered the entire mountain range.

After their victory, the Durthas Clan founded a dwarvish nation named “Kronar” under the mountains they call the “Salakrün,” and Haskanar was anointed its first king. The newly-crowned King ordered his clan to begin building Krone Feyr, which would become the greatest dwarven city on Corwyn.

To assist them, the dwarves of Orrek sent the Durthas dwarves one of the five Val-Khûra, where its magical powers were used to help build their magnificent city. In the city’s greatest hall, The Durthas Clan placed the famous Bloodstone Chair as the royal seat of the new dwarven realm of Kronar.

The Durthas Clan soon became wealthy beyond their wildest dreams when the dwarves discovered great deposits of Bloodstones, in the mines located deep below the city. For many centuries, the dwarves of the Durthas Clan continued to prosper. But they grew complacent on their vigil upon their orc and goblin enemies who looked upon their success with envy and hatred.

In the fateful year 1079/4, Kronar was invaded and the city of Krone Feyr sacked. With its fall, the Durthas Clan was destroyed and the few survivors scattered across Corwyn. The last King of Kronar was Ulgathor Durthas, who fell defending his great hall.

The Stoneheart Expedition

For many long years, the surviving dwarves of the Durthas Clan dreamt of re-capturing their city and claiming its stolen wealth. In the year 699/6, a fierce dwarven warrior named Rhom led a party of dwarves into the ruins, captured them and re-named the city “Grimhold.” Sadly, after only 27 years, neither Rhom nor his companions were ever heard from again and the ruins were once again abandoned.

The Survivors

A few members of the Durthas Clan still remain today, spread across Corwyn. The remaining members of this clan tend to be warriors, for their hatred of orcs and goblins are especially bitter.

Many of the dwarves descending from this clan hire themselves out as powerful mercenaries— known as the "Deathdealers." These dwarves yearn for the day when Krone Feyr will be retaken and the Dwarven realm of Kronar restored.

The eleven Dwarf-Kings of Kronar who sat on the Bloodstone Chair are listed below:

Haskanar 987-1103/3
Agathor 1103-1179/3 †
Arathor 1179/3, 1-160/4
Ormethar 160-304/4
Argethor 304-471/4
Molnar 471-599/4
Derathor 599-762/4
Durskanar 762-879/4
Melthor 879-893/4 †
Kerathor 893-1026/4
Ulgathor 1026-1079/4 †