Durthas Clan

The Durthas Clan was a famous and powerful clan of dwarves, which in 967/3, was sent on an epic quest by the Dwarf-king Relgathor the Far-sighted of Orrek to conquer the Frostcrown Mountains and establish the ancient nation of Kronar.

The Durthas clan, under the leadership of Haskanar the Bold, secured the entire mountain range after a bloody twenty-year campaign. Then the newly-crowned King Haskanar ordered his clan to build the greatest city ever seen on Corwyn, which would serve as the capital of the new southern Dwarf-realm of Kronar. To assist them, the northern dwarves of Orrek sent the Durthas Clan one of the five Val-Khûra to help build the city of Krone Feyr.

Haskanar’s descendants soon became wealthy beyond their wildest dreams when the dwarves discovered great deposits of Bloodstones deep below in the mines of Kronar. The Durthas Clan built the grandest Dwarf-Hall ever seen on Corwyn, and placed the famous Bloodstone Chair there as the royal seat of the Dwarves of the south. After the fall of Kronar and the city of Krone Feyr in 1079/4, this clan was nearly annihilated, but a few members still remain. The eleventh and last Dwarf-King of Kronar was Ulgathor the Unyielding.

The remaining members of this clan tend to be warriors, for their hatred of orcs and goblins are especially bitter. After the long and bitter War of Crows in the Sixth Age, the dwarves of the Durthas Clan again set out to retake their ancient home in the Salakrün Mountains.

The Self-styled ‘Stone-Lord’ Prince Rhom ‘Stoneheart’ Durthas led a great party of fierce dwarves into the ruins of Glitterhome in 699/6, and for a short time, the dwarves retook the ruined city of Krone Feyr, calling it ‘Grimhold.’ Rhom and his group were last heard from in the year 725/6, and the city was lost once again after a short reign of 27 years.

Many of the dwarvish warriors descending from this clan hire themselves out as powerful mercenaries known as the ‘Deathdealers.’ The remaining members of this clan yearn for the day when Krone Feyr will be retaken and the Dwarf-realm of Kronar restored.

The eleven Dwarf-Kings of Kronar who sat on the Bloodstone Chair are listed below:

Haskanar 987-1103/3
Agathor 1103-1179/3 †
Arathor 1179/3, 1-160/4
Ormethar 160-304/4
Argethor 304-471/4
Molnar 471-599/4
Derathor 599-762/4
Durskanar 762-879/4
Melthor 879-893/4 †
Kerathor 893-1026/4
Ulgathor 1026-1079/4 †