Lost Kingdom of East Eldara

East Eldara was a Thannish colony established by the Kingdom of Eldara after a long military campaign called the "Glorious Conquest."

In the year 187/4, King Aron Del Vecchio; acting out of greed for wealth and conquest, sent a huge military expedition east across the South Sea to the Kratheri Peninsula, and invaded the Kingdom of Kerathos.

This invasion was led by Aron's eldest son; Prince Daghon At that time, the Kratheri Peninsula was home to the nation of Kerathos; which was ruled by King Nek'var Barshem.

Under Daghon's leadership, the Eldaran armies soon conquered much of the Kratheri Peninsula. Within six years, only a few Kratheri strongholds held out against the Eldarans.

Although Prince Daghon was slain in 193/4, during the eight-year long Siege of Jareesh; the Eldarans completely conquered the entire Kratheri Peninsula within forty years of their initial landing. By 229/4, the last Kratheri stronghold surrendered to the Thannish armies.

As the centuries went by, East Eldara grew stronger and stronger, and yearned for its own independence, and finally achieved it in the year 1109/4, after a brutal eight-year-long struggle called the First Eldaran Civil War.

After breaking away from Eldara, the Kingdom of East Eldara re-named itself; Thûle.