Eastern Del Vecchio Dynasty

The Eastern Del Vecchio Dynasty was a line of Thannish rulers descended from King Castenar, who founded the kingdom of Thûle in the year 1209/4.

The eastern Del Vecchio line began in the early years of the Fourth Age, when King Aron Del Vecchio of Eldara conquered the eastern Kratheri Peninsula and sent his son Prince Daghon to rule the colony of "East Eldara."

Over the centuries, the Eastern Eldarans grew increasingly resentful toward the Royal Court in Eldarand. In the year 1204/4, led by Prince Castenar revolted against his own father; King Arathar IV. After Castenar’s victory, he established the independent kingdom of Thûle.

The Del Vecchio family ruled Thûle for 131 years and a total of five monarchs sat upon the Obsidian Throne. The Dynasty ended with the death of King Caronius, who was slain in the Battle of Ralansyr in the year 43 of the Fifth Age.

After Caronius' death, House Del Vecchio was overthrown by Mordred Mankhari, who ordered all surviving members of the Del Vecchio family either murdered or forced into exile.

The Rulers of the Eastern Del Vecchio Dynasty

Castenar 1209-1225/4
Briona 1225-1262/4
Cassian 1262-1297/4 †
Dagmar 1297/4, 1-36/5
Caronius 36-43/5 †