The Eastvale

The Eastvale is the northwest region of the Highlands, which today, is encompassed by two nations: Derianor and Elyria.

The Eastvale's regional borders are: the Frozen Coast on the north, the Purple Mountains on the south, the Mountains on the east, and the Jagged Coast on the west.

The cities of Elsareth, Donareth, and Pike's Ferry are located in this region.


Thousands of years ago, the Eastvale was separated from the Westvale by a single waterway known as the Vale River. When the Great Rift occurred in 884/3, the lands were shattered, and much of the region was consumed by water, creating what is today the Iron Sea, and Westvale Isle.

Timeline of the Eastvale

Early Settlements

Centuries after the Great Rift, scattered tribal groups began migrating into the Eastvale region. These human settlers were called the Vaas, and their people founded several early settlements, including Amhorst, Pike's Ferry, and Stonebridge.

Around this same time, the Vaas tribes divided into nine separate Clans; two of which settled in the Eastvale; the Harlochs and the Vesten.

The Cynaran Invasion

The Cynarans, a race of men who hailed from the Isle of Cynara, had long been known as great sailors and fierce warriors who raided isolated settlements along the coasts of the Eastvale. However, by the year 846/3 of the Third Age, the Cynarans became a much larger threat when their tribes became united under King Endacil Redmond of Urland.

Soon, the King Endacil of Urland began to expand their holdings. The Cynarans sailed across the Sea of Vaas from the Isle of Cynara and invaded the Eastvale region in the Third Age. The Vaas city of Amhorst was captured in the year 850/3 and became the center of Urland's power on the continent for almost 300 years.

Establishment of the Kingdom of Harloch

In the year 1170/3, the Cynarans themselves were conquered by the Iskari after the Forty Years War. With the collapse of Urlands, the Eastvale became independent once again. Eventually, a great warrior-priestess named Elsareth Van Arden conquered the Eastvale region and founded the kingdom of Harloch. After her death, the capitol city of Amhorst was re-named "Elsareth" in her honor.

Sadly, in 763/4, the Kingdom of Harloch was later overrun and destroyed by a horde of barbarians known as the Ravagers, who destroyed both the city of Elsareth and the fortress of Castle Harloch.

Rise of the City-states

After the fall of Harloch, the Eastvale fell into anarchy for many years, the Vaas clans continued to fight amongst themselves, and the region became divided into several rival city-states, each controlled by petty Vaas Lords. The strongest of these was Karthis.

The Iron Treaty of 536/4

In the year 536 of the Fourth Age, the city-state of Pike's Ferry signed a controversial agreement with the Iskari Kingdom of Cyrendar. This agreement allowed the Iskari to colonize parts of the Eastvale region and develop it for mining iron ore and farming. In return, the city of Pike's Ferry received a handsome percentage of all profits. Lord Cochran of the House of Pike was widely condemned by other Vaas Lords for entering into this agreement. One of those Lords; Ethelred Madrigal was so enraged by the agreement, he declared war upon Pike's Ferry and ordered his soldiers to destroy all Iskari colonies along the Jagged Coast.

The Karthic Wars

By the middle of the Fourth Age, the first Iskari colonists began to arrive from Cyrendar. At first, small groups sailed east across the Iron Sea and established small settlements in the coastal areas of the Eastvale. The House of Pike signed treaties with the Iskari for purposes of trade.

However, King Ethelred Madrigal of Karthis; an brash and arrogant ruler, was enraged by what he saw as a hostile Iskari invasion. He then ordered a series of reckless military raids on the fledgling Iskari settlements. One of these fateful raids cost the life of the Iskari Crown Prince; Idris.

The War of Terror

Following the fall of Karthis in 597/4, all organized resistance to the Iskari occupation ended, and a new, dark era came to the Eastvale. The next two centuries became known as the "War of Terror," a period of widespread mayhem and slaughter against the local population that lasted between 597 and 853/4.

The Fall of Harloch and the Era of the Ravagers

The Kingdom of Harloch was destroyed by the Ravagers in 763/4, and its capitol city of Elsareth was sacked and burned.

Establishment of the Freehold of Dorada

Lord Adleroth Penrose moved into the region and founded the Freehold of Dorada.

Over the next few centuries, the Penrose Family became closely allied with Empress Ravinia, and, under their leadership, Dorada eventually joined the Ravinian Empire.

As part of the Empire, the Eastvale grew in importance and population. Many great institutions were built here; such as the Anfala Palace and the Avenue of Deities in city of Elsareth.