The Eastvale

The Eastvale is the northwest region of Corwyn, and is part of the Highlands.

The Eastvale was once part of the ancient kingdom of Urland, then it was part of the kingdom of Harloch, and today the Eastvale makes up the territory of the Theocracy of Derianor.

The cities of Elsareth and Donareth are located in this region.


Thousands of years ago, the Eastvale was separated from the Westvale by a single river; known as the Vale River. When the Great Rift occurred in 884/3, the lands were shattered, much of the region was consumed by the waters of what is today the Iron Sea, and Westvale Isle was created.

After the Great Rift, the Eastvale became settled once again by the Vaas peoples. These people founded two settlements; Amhorst and Stonebridge. Amhorst was later conquered by the Cynarans, who has sailed across the Sea of Vaas from the Isle of Cynara and conquered the region in the late Third Age.

When the Cynarans themselves were conquered by the Iskari after the Forty Years War, the Eastvale became independent once again. Eventually, a great warrior-preistess named Elsareth Van Arden conquered the Eastvale region and founded the kingdom of Harloch. After her death, the capitol city of Amhorst was re-named "Elsareth" in her honor.

Sadly, the Kingdom of Harloch was itself overrun and destroyed by a horde of barbarians known as the Ravagers, who destroyed both the city of Elsareth and the fortress of Castle Harloch.

After the fall of Harloch, the Eastvale fell into anarchy for many years, until Lord Adleroth Penrose moved into the region and founded the Freehold of Dorada.

Over the next few crenturies, the Penrose Family became closely allied with Empress Ravinia, and eventually joined the Ravinian Empire. As part of the Empire, the Eastvale grew in importance and population, many great institutions were built here; such as the Anfala Palace and the Avenue of Deities.