King Ectharion Liëflynne

Ectharion Liëflynne was the first Wood-Elf king of Thekarë, the founder of the House of Liëflynne, and one of three Elven leaders of the Sundering.

Ectharion swore to keep vigil on the East after the fall of Drotharë and the banishment of the Dark-Elves at the end of the Second Age. As king, he took it upon his people to safeguard the West from the eastern menace.

When Alokkair began the Gauth War and attempted to overthrow the Council of Sorcerë, Ectharion answered their desperate call for aid.

In the year 252/3, He marched from Therakan with a large elven army, and fought heroically against Alokkair's Gauth and orc-hordes at the Battle of Orgorod. Sadly, he was slain on the field of battle.

In recognition of the bravery and sacrifice of Ectharion and his fallen Elven warriors, the Saar later bestowed three of the Silvarils upon the Wood-Elf realm of Thekarë.

After his death, the Wood-Elves began to wither and the vigil on the East was not maintained. Ectharion was succeeded on the Oakheart Throne by his son Valarion.