Battle of Edgecliffe

(558/6) Edgecliffe was the site of a bloody battle which ended the terrible War of the Celadon.

The battle was named for the rocky northern cliffs of Renthara Island, where it took place. There, the rebel forces of Lord Alaron Baranthyr defeated the Ralani loyalists, Alaron slew King Durendil Serati II in single combat, and then threw his body off the cliff into the churning Sea of Ralas below.

Without their leader, the hapless loyalist army was pinned against the sea, and decimated by the rebel forces. Over 25,000 Serathian soldiers were either slain or jumped from the cliffs to avoid capture on that fateful day.


After the battle, the island of Renthara was granted independence from the kingdom of Ralas and became the new kingdom of Rennsfar. The rebellious vassals anointed Alaron Baranthyr as their first King.

The remaining Ralani loyalists then anointed King Durendil’s nephew; Kelthorn, as the first king of the new, mainland realm of Serathyr.