Edgerd Baranov III

King Edgerd Baranov III was the final ruler of Thalar.

Edgerd was the only son of Queen Katarina of the Baranov Dynasty.

When the Storm of the North first broke out in the year 785/4, the young King tried to weather it. As more and more of his people froze to death all around him, he began to believe he could best weather the storm at the isolated fortress of Sol-Kathad.

In desperation, Edgerd and several hundred retainers left the capital of Al-Enoth and travelled east into the farthest reaches of the Alaghon Mountains. Most of the group died along the way, and Edgerd himself almost succumbed to frostbite before the handful of survivors finally reached the castle.

Sadly, the long trip made no difference. Around the year 825/4, the castle and all its inhabitants were overcome by a combination of the ferocious winter weather and some unknown evil force. After the storm finally subsided, all that remained at Sol-Kathad were the frozen corpses of the king and all his subjects.

Also missing was Peacemaker; the family's Elanthir sword, which has never been recovered.