Edict of Marquand

Edict of Marquand was an important treaty, signed by all the monarchies of Western Corwyn, regarding the control and use of magic

This edict, which went into effect in the year 125/6, had two important rules. First, it restricted the use of magic to members of the Veiled Society, and second, it called for every monarch on Corwyn to be assigned a society advisor, called a "Liaison." This edict gave the Veiled Society enormous power and influence at the royal courts of Corwyn, and made the Society privy to the best-kept political secrets.

The Edict was later expanded to include independent Baronies, City-States, Counties, Duchies, and Freeholds.

The 27 signatories of the Treaty were: Alveron, Ammarind, Archer’s Vale, Arkadia, Derianor, Dorinvar, Eldara, Elyria, Erindar, Eryn Kahai, Galador, Grüenwald, Gwynne, Iskandar, Kargold, Kendar, Kreska, Lakewood, Marundi, Orel, Rennsfar, Serathyr, Shadowbend, Shoredale, Taraghon, and Trevalia.

Notably, two Freeholds refused to sign the treaty; Dhorvania and Norwald.