King Edric Garigan

Edric Garigan was one of "Seven Champions" who defeated Alokkair in the War of the Elanthir. He then went on to found Amar; the first Amari Kingdom on Corwyn.

King Edric was the first holder of Gloomchaser; one of the seven Elanthir swords, which was given to him by the Council of Sorcerë, as a reward for his courageous service in the War against Alokkair.

Edric founded the kingdom of Amar in 15/4, and assumed the Brass Throne. Edric also ordered the construction of the great mountain fortress of Athos-Sorel in the late Third Age. Edric is considered almost a deity to the Amari people for his great achievements.

Edric was the first monarch from the Garigan Dynasty