King Eduard Orsini

(Reign: 392-415/6 †) Eduard Orsini was a brutal monarch of Erindar, whose cruelty toward the Duchy of Herrondale sparked the Halberon Uprising of 404/6.

King Eduard was the most infamous member of the House of Orsini. He infamously ordered Duke Harkon Halberon executed, his son Heremmer arrested, and seized all territory in the Duchy of Herrondale; causing the horrific Halberon Uprising.

This uprising eventually destroyed the Orsini Dynasty and caused the kingdom of Erindar to be overthrown. Eduard was slain in 415/6 at the Battle of Demerest. Legend has it, he was killed by his own soldiers.


In the year 408/6, in a deft a political maneuver, King Eduard arranged with Queen Astrid Kilräen of Amar for an alliance thru marriage. Eduard's daughter Antonia was then married to the Crown-Prince; Rodrik.

Eduard believed this blood alliance would assist him in quelling the growing rebellion within his own kingdom, but the Amari never openly declared for him and ultimately their assistance was not enough to change the outcome of the rebellion.