Home Plane: The Abyss
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Chaos, Evil, madness
Portfolio: Darkness, nightmares, shadows, the Moon
Worshippers: Evil priests
Symbol: Moonstone
Eiryundal; who is also known as Aveena in the Iskari culture and Velok in Vilzari culture, is Corwyn’s Goddess of Darkness, Night, and the Moon.

Eiryundal is the daughter of Al-Karym; the God of Death, the sister of Kagyar; the God of Decay, as well as the mother of Ilsundal; the Goddess of Jealousy and Nestor; the God of Secrets. Eiryundal is the mistress of all that is dark in the world. As such, she is also the Matron-Deity of night, shadows, darkness, gloom, clouds, stars, dreams, nightmares, and the moon.

Her symbol is a great moonstone Gem, made from the light of the first reflected stars above Corwyn. Eiryundal is a reclusive Goddess and her followers hold little animosity toward other religions and seek only to revel in the beauty and purity of darkness. Her followers revere the moon, which is the embodiment of the Goddess herself. Eirynudal is also the formal name of the moon itself in many cultures.

The darkest followers of Eiryundal revel in the nightmares of others. Her followers wear dark blue robes to represent the dark night-time realm of their mistress, and are usually priests, monks, or thieves. Eiryundal’s followers erect few temples in major cities, and worship only late at night. The only known temple to Eiryundal is located in the city of Sarkosa. In fact, many of Eiryundal’s priests have not ventured outside in daylight in many years, living an entirely nocturnal existence. Eiryundal’s chief rival is the lawful God Ator.