Battle of Ekkryn Sound

Ekkryn Sound was the site of a largest naval battle in Corwyn's history, which took place in 371/5, during the First Sea War. The battle was fought between the fleets of Thûle, Üthrar, and Orel. In this battle, Royce Alesard was slain and his dynasty ended.

In this battle, the combined Thûlian and Üthrari fleets were almost completely destroyed, and Orel became the undisputed master of both the Vhan Myr and the Sea of Eldara, which then became known as the Sea of Orel.

This battle was the largest naval engagement in Corwyn’s history, with over 700 vessels involved, of which 200 were Orellian. The Thûlians and Üthrari lost over 500 ships sunk; the Orellians lost only 85 vessels.

Thûle was financially devastated by this defeat, as she had spent ten years building the largest fleet of warships the world had ever seen. The Thûlians amassed 111 warships and the Üthrari amassed 75 warships, and both navies had several hundred smaller vessels. The navy of Orel had at that time only 69 warships and 150 smaller ships, but through brilliant tactics and favorable weather, was able to decisively defeat their opponents, and secure a lasting victory.