The Elanthir; or "Guardian-Stones," were seven powerful artifacts created by the Council of Sorcerë to defeat Alokkair.

To create the Elanthir, the Saar set pale blue magical gems into seven magnificent swords. When in battle, the blades of these magic-infused swords emitted a bright blue glow.

In the year 1174/3, the weapons were distributed to the Seven Champions of the West:

Fate of the Swords:

Over the centuries, wars and other catastrophes caused four of the Elanthir to be lost:

  • Darkslayer was lost in the year 1244/4, when King Malenvar Sanborn III was drowned during the Battle of the Volnar Strait; the sword going down with the king and his ship.

Today; the remaining three Elanthir serve as heirlooms of the nations listed below: