Sometimes called "Dwarf-Stones," "Rune-Stones," or the "Lights of the First Forge;" these five powerful gems were created by the Council of Sorcerë in 325/3, and given to the dwarves in return for their earlier aid in the Battle of Orgorod.

Each orb was bright purple in color with enormous magical power to build, mine, and carve the great stone cities of Orthan Feyr, Darôk, Crôm Feyr, and Krone Feyr. The Council of Sorcerë gifted one Elatir to each of the five Dwarven Clans:


In 592/3, one of the Elatir was temporarily lost during the War of Sorrows when it was captured by goblins in the Fall of Thürgen Feyr. However, in 652/3, that same stone was recovered by Celathor the Avenger.

One of the five stones was lost forever in 884/3 when the Dwarf-realm of Khûrzhad and its capital of Orthan Feyr were destroyed during the Great Rift.

A second stone was lost in 1079/4, during the Fall of Kronar and its capital of Krone Feyr.

The remaining three stones reside in the cities of Crôm Feyr, Darôk, and Skarlahn Feyr.