King Eldan Del Vecchio

(Reign: 33-78/4) Eldan Del Vecchio was one of "Seven Champions" who defeated Alokkair in the War of the Elanthir. He then went on to found Eldara; one of two early Thannish Kingdoms on Corwyn.

Eldan was the first holder of Equalizer; one of the seven Elanthir swords, which was given to him by the Council of Sorcerë, as a reward for his courageous service in the War against Alokkair.

Eldan was one of two Thannish leaders to be given an Elanthir. The other was his half-brother; Rhodan Mallistäer.

After the defeat and imprisonment of Alokkair, Eldan, along with his half-brother, went back to his father's kingdom of Valdor. The two brothesr had always hated each other, and only at the request of their dying father, did they try and get along together.

By the year 33/4, Valden was dead, and relations between the two brothers were again at a breaking point. Soon, open warfare broke out, with Thanns slaughtering other Thanns. This terrible conflict cost tens of thousands of lives and became known as the Twilight War. The civil war dragged on for five long bloody years, until an agreement was reached separating the two factions into two separate Kingdoms; Eldara and Rhodara. Eldara received the lion's share of territory of the former kingdom of Valdor because of Eldan's victory over his brothers forces at the Battle of Ossenfort.

In the year 33/4, Eldan's territory became the new Kingdom of "Eldara;" which he vainly named after himself. After his coronation, King Eldan moved the capital from Kingsport to the city of Azimar, which he re-named "Eldarand."

He also ordered Castle Ironfist built to serve as his royal citadel, and installed the famed Amethyst Throne. After his death, his Descendants continued to rule the kingdom for over 1,200 more years.