Eldar Plains

Also known as the Breadbasket of Eldara, the fertile lands of the Eldar Plainsare rich in farming soil and moderate temperatures and serve to feed the Eldarans and many of the peoples of the Heartlands.

The plains get an abundance of water and rich silt deposits from the Cyrien Sea and its many tributaries, which spread across the region like a giant spider web. The large capitol city of Eldarand is located in this region, as well as the vast majority of the Eldaran people. The plains are a source of envy to Eldara’s neighbors, for it is the only fertile land mass in the southern part of the continent.

On these plains are found thousands of orange groves, forests of lemon trees, and countless vegetable plots and thickets. It is this bounty that has caused so much death and misery to the Eldaran people over the centuries, for the Vilzari envy this rich land with every waking moment.