(population: 58,000) Eldarand is the capitol city of Eldara; located along the Storm Coast of the Sea of Ralas.

The city is well protected from its Vilzari enemies with many battlements and high walls; despite the fact tha the city is located hundreds of miles north of the Kerak. Eldarand has been besieged on many occasions, but has fallen to its Vilzari enemies only once over the last three thousand years.

Today, Eldarand remains the strongest human citadel in southern Corwyn. Within the city walls is the impregnable fortress of the Castle Ironfist; the royal seat of Eldara’s monarchy.

The city is accessible via the Eldara Road which connects it to the city of Dhäelhar to the north, and the Rin Falar Road, which leads south to the city of Rin Falar.

Today; the capitol city of Eldarand is governed by Duke Lukan Whitehall.


Ages ago, the ancient city of Eldarand was called "Azimar;" and served as the capitol of the Principality of Azimar. The Principality was later conquered during one of the Ten Campaigns of Valden the Conqueror, and the city was absorbed into the newly formed kingdom of Valdor.

Because of its strategic location, Valden's son Eldan later chose the city as his new capital and it was renamed Eldarand. Legend has it; King Eldan also wanted to distance himself from his father's legacy and its foundations in the historic city of Kingsport.