(population: 58,000) Located along the Storm Coast of the Sea of Ralas, Eldarand is the capital of Eldara.

Eldarand is the largest city in the kingdom of Eldara, sprawling along both sides of the Azimar River, as it flows into Dagger Bay.

Because of its proximity to Eldara's northern border with Melinarë, the city has a large elven population dwelling within its narrow, winding streets.

Many of the city structures are built from either stone or clay, because historically, Thannish builders feared cutting down trees from the nearby Melinar Forest.

Because of its long history of conflict with the neighboring Vilzari, Eldarand is well protected with high walls, topped with many battlements.

These protections have proved necessary many times, as the city has been besieged on eight different occasions.

In its entire history, the city has only fallen to the Vilzari once, over the last three thousand years.

The impregnable fortress of the Castle Ironfist; the royal seat of Eldara’s monarchy, lies on a rocky plateau within Eldarand's central district. Its garrison of 2,000 Eldaran soldiers serve to keep order within the city and to defend it against attack.

Despite its size, Eldarand is not known as a seaport; although there are usually well over a hundred ships in its harbor at any given time.

The majority of the city's trade comes in via the Eldara Road which connects it to the city of Dhäelhar to the north, or via the Rin Falar Road, which leads south to the Eldaran city of the same name.

Today; the city is governed by Duke Lukan Whitehall.

Local History

In the late Third Age, the city was founded by the Azimar people, a Thannish ethnic group. In those times, the settlement was called "Azimar;" and served as the capital of an ancient nation called the Principality of Azimar.

After a long campaign, the Principality was defeated by Valden the Conqueror and the city was absorbed into the expanding kingdom of Valdor.

Because of its strategic location, Valden's son Eldan later chose the city as his new capital. When Eldan named his new Kingdom "Eldara," he also renamed his new citadel; "Eldarand."

Legend has it; King Eldan wanted to distance himself from his father's legacy and its foundation in the historic Eldaran city of Kingsport.