Eldir Vaas

The Eldir Vaas is the fourth largest river on Corwyn, reaching nearly a mile in width at certain points. The Eldir Vaas is also critical to commerce; it is one of the most heavily-trafficked waterways on the continent of Corwyn.

This enormous river flows south out of the Grey Mountains, through the Kronarwood, into the huge lake known as the Nolar Vaas. The southern branch of this river then flows south out of the Nolar Vaas, around the western edge of the Crumbling Mountains, gaining speed and strength.

As it flows further south, the Eldir Vaas skirts the Purple and Cairn Mountains, before it spills into the Sea of Ralas, near Saltmarsh.

The river also serves as the border between the kingdoms of Elyria and Erindar in the north, and the border between Serathyr and the Reach in the south.

The Elyrian cities of Rilsavar and Ilnavar are located along this great waterway. The Kingsway crosses the Eldir Vaas at the village of Greypoole.