King Elegheron Alessarë

(pronunciation: el-ledge-er-ron) King Elegheron of the House of Alessarë was the first Elven-king of Ectharë.

Little is known about this great elvish leader other than he was a great explorer and leader, who led the Elder-Elves across the Wyn Myr from the Unknown Lands to settle Corwyn.

Elegheron sailed a great fleet of elven ships and landed upon a rocky point he named Wyn Falas in the Year One of the First Age. In fact, Elegheron's landing is the first event in the recorded history of Corwyn.

In the year 306 of the First Age, Elegheron founded the realm of Ectharë and became the first ruler to sit on the Eternal Throne. As King, he expanded elvish influence across the continent, befriending the races of Metallic Dragons.

In the year 1075 of the First Age, Elegheron became a war-leader when his elvish folk were attacked by the races of Chromatic Dragons

Elegheron was slain in the year 1280/1, during single combat with a ferocious Blue Dragon. He was succeeded on the Eternal Throne by his son Andarion.