King Elgor Myrnäe II

Elgor Myrnäe II was the 40th ruler of Alveron and the father of Empress Ravinia.

Elgor had much tragedy in his early life. His oldest brother Elghar was killed in a tragic hunting 'accident' and his elder brother Edmere was poisoned. Elgor himself was the target of frequent assassination attempts, but was well protected by his father's servants.

Elgor was the youngest son of the Rynnish King, Eromir Myrnäe III. He vowed to bring the races of men and elves closer together. He achieved this by courting and marrying the elvish princess Laarinel Elyrion of Melinarë.

King Elgor was later slain in 35/5 during the Battle of Baryn Valley, while fighting in the Unification Wars to achieve his daughter’s birthright.