King Elmar Myrnäe

King Elmar was the kindly, but fallible sixth monarch of Alveron, who in 236/4 lost his only daughter; Aranmë, to a rare disease inflicted by a jealous priestess of Ilsundal.

Overcome with grief, the king turned to his prisoner Alokkair the Sorcerer to restore his only daughter Aranmë to life, in return for releasing the Lich-King from the dungeons of Castle Myrdon. Alokkair restored the young princess and then fled to the East.

But Alokkair had been treacherous, and the daughter that returned to her father was not the same sweet girl that the king had lost in death. Aranmë became a cruel and wicked being upon her return to Castle Myrdon. Iin 241/4 she murdered her mother, father, and three of her four brothers in a fit of madness, before being slain by the Palace Guard. This episode was only part of Alokkair’s revenge upon the kingdom of Alveron for imprisoning him for so many years.