(Bronzefolk or Bronzians) this strong race of men comes from the far southern Continent of Avokhar. These people founded the great lost Eloysian Empire and the seven city-states of the Bronze Coast. Their alignment is predominantly neutral, and their civilizations and populations are located throughout the far southern Continent of Avokhar and the eastern Continent of Za'Har. The folk of this race are referred to as ‘the Bronzefolk.’ These folk are tall and proud, with predominantly black, brown or red hair, coppery skin and bright eyes of either, black, brown, or maroon.

The Eloysian peoples can be broken down into several smaller ethnic sub-groups, there are the Kunda peoples of northern Avokhar and the Verassi peoples of far-southern Avokhar.


The Eloysian people speak Duric as well as some common, and there are dozens of dialects. Eloysians are great sailors and traders, and can be found in any seaport or great marketplace on Corwyn. Eloysians are fairly rare inside mainland Corwyn, and are usually only seen in the kingdoms of Rennsfar, Serathyr, and Orel. But Eloysians are found in every great seaport, from Khalifar, to the seven Cities of Brass, to the Orellian ports. Common Eloysian names include: Al’Dur, Al’Mir, Al’San, Al’Sid, Ansai, Ben’jhen, Hajji, Ha’Rhan, Hasan, Khasann, Khomir, Najir, Rha’Lenn, Thon’Mir, Tulon, and Xion.

Duric: the language of the Eloysians, spoken throughout the continent and various city-states of Avokhar, the city-state of Tar Vielca, and on western coast of the Continent of Za'Har. This language is also widely spoken in the great seaports of Corwyn; such as Natharos, Wyn Falas, Ormath, Ordana, Rastios, and Tymor. Farther inland on Corwyn, the language is almost never encountered.