King Elroth Penrose

(185-271/4) Elroth Penrose; also known as the "Exile-King," was the first ruler of the Kingdom of Adar and the founder of the Penrose Dynasty.

Elroth was a ruthless and ambitious Amador noble who, in the year 210 of the Fourth Age, was ordered by his uncle, King Osric Garigan of Amar, to conquer the Saugreth lands of the East.

This bloody conflict came to be known as the "War of False Glory," and lasted twelve bloody years. During the war, Elroth 's forces committed many atrocities against the Khor-Lann population which lived in the region.

The war ended in the year 222/4 with Elroth's victory at the epic Battle of Vilharen

War of Fear and Flame

After his great victory at the Battle of Vilharen, Lord Elroth returned to Amar as a conquering hero. His twelve-year campaign had enlarged the Kingdom of Amar, and brought many riches to the coffers of King Osric.

Over the next few years, Elroth’s ambition grew. He began to covet the Brass Throne for himself. In the year 227/4, Elroth attempted to overthrow King Osric, resulting in another bloody conflict that came to be known as the “War of Fear and Flame.”

This Amari civil war was devastating, and left much of Amar and its newly conquered eastern territories in ruins.

By the end of the conflict, Osric and his loyalists defeated Elroth at the battle of Moritz. King Osric then exiled Elroth and his supporters into the east. That same year, Elroth crowned himself the first King of the eastern territories. He named his new Kingdom; “Adar.”

Alliance with the Gauth

During his campaign in the East, Elroth came into contact with the Gauth; a hybrid race of half-drow who dwelt in the eastern city of Kuldhûr. The Gauth offered an alliance to help defeat the Thaldain tribes of the region, and Elroth quickly agreed.

He was most impressed by the magical powers of the Gauth, and greatly desired to learn their secrets for himself. He believed that he could use these secrets one day to claim the Throne of Amar for himself. Elroth later married a Gauth Princess named Lythrana, who bore him a son; Markov.