King Elrovar Myrnäe III

King Elrovar Myrnäe III was the final monarch of the Myrnäe Dynasty of Alveron. He was slain in the epic Battle of Harkalad.

Elrovar was a child when his father, King Erondar was slain during the Siege of Arynäe. Upon reaching the age of ascension, Elrovar assembled the remaining loyal Ravinian armies, and those of their elvish and dwarvish allies, and went forth to reclaim the Empire from the invaders. Elrovar’s quest was successful, and the armies of Sorimmar and his allies were defeated and driven back into both the East and the desert.

Elrovar did not live to see his success. At the Battle of Harkalad, he avenged his father by slaying Malachar Vilmartine the traitor-knight, and engaged Sorimmar in personal combat and cut the Orenthir from his hand. Elrovar briefly recovered the Orenthir, but seeing his foes surrounding him, rode east and cast the stone into the Falls of Herthmar. He was then slain by the Zûl, and the Myrnäe Dynasty ended.

At the time of his death, Sorimmar's soldiers stole Avenger; Elrovar's Elanthir sword, and brought it back east to Drakhara as a war-prize.

In 625/5, Elrovar assumed the Rynnish throne in absentia, and was slain that same year at the young age of eighteen. Elrovar is still considered the greatest of Rynnish heroes.