(population: 28,000) Capitol city of the Theocracy of Derianor, located on the western shores of the Iron Sea. This city is known for its arts and culture and is home to the famous Academë; the ancient Ravinian University of Magic. This city is home to many wealthy merchants and artisans, and many incredible trinkets can be found at its dozens of bazaars and shops.

Elsareth is a major northern seaport on the Iron Sea; at any time; at any given time as many as 200 vessels from Alarë, Cyrenica, Krylnath, Natharos, Pike's Ferry, Rastios, Tharnia, and Wyn Falas are moored in its sprawling harbor.

Elsareth’s most noteworthy shop is the infamous ‘Sorcerer’s Sigil.’ This is a collection of magical weapons, potions, and scrolls found nowhere else on Corwyn. Also in the hills near the city is the ancient Anfala Palace, now the home to the ruling council of priests that govern the realm. The city is also deeply religious and spiritual. Twenty enormous temples to the Lawful Gods of Corwyn adorn the famous Avenue of the Deities off the main city square. The city is guarded by a group of priests and fighters known simply as the ‘Watch.’ Elsareth is accessible via the Academë Road leading northwest from Berevrom's Keep and the Derianor Road leading west from the city of Donareth.


In ancient times, this city was called Amhorst, and was ruled by the Cynarans of Urland. The Cynarans sailed from the Isle of Cynara in the Third Age, and conquered this region, establishing a settlement here that grew into a small city by the end of the Third age. When Urland was conquered by Ilnavel Cyrenäe and his Iskari pilgrims from Iskandar, the city fell into disarray, and for a while, was abandoned. Eventually, new Vaas tribes moved into the area and rebuilt the city, and re-named it "Elsareth," after an early Vasneesh Queen of the Highlands; who founded and ruled the early Vaas Kingdom of Harloch.