Queen Elsareth Van Arden

Elsareth Van Arden; known as the "Queen of the Highlands." was a powerful Vaas noble-woman, hailing from the Harloch Clan and a devout Priestess of Berevrom.

Elsareth later founded the Kingdom of Harloch in the Highlands region of Corwyn and became its first Queen.

House Van Arden

The Van Arden family is a venerable, distinguished Vaas noble house. It first Matriarch was Lady Elsareth, who would one day be the Queen of Harloch. Her descendants continued to rule that small kingdom for another 438 years. When the kingdom was overthrown by the Ravagers in the year 763/4, the few surviving members of this family fled across the Iron Sea and settled in the Kingdom of Iskandar.

The family later swore fealty to the Iskari Kings and built a great citadel there, which still exists today. Today, the Van Ardens are a prominent noble family in Iskandar, although many say they pride is too great because of their lineage of once having ruled a kingdom of their own. The current Patriarch of the family is Duke Amroth Van Arden, the ruler of Longvale.