King Eltheraf Ekryie

Eltheraf Ekryie was a famous High-Elf king of Melinarë who survived the Cataclysm and the destruction of the Ravinian Empire. He was later slain in single combat with the Zûl at the Battle of Krell

Eltheraf had long suspected that although had been defeated, he would rise again. So, in the early Sixth Age, Eltheraf secretly re-formed the Sentinels to keep vigil on the East. This decision paid off, for the elves had warning when Sorimmar rose to attack the West again during the War of Crows.

In the fateful year 674/6, Eltheraf led his Elven army against Sorimmar’s hordes at the Battle of Krell. Although Eltheraf was victorious, he fell in battle. Eltheraf was succeeded on the Adamantine Throne by his eldest son Generaf, who still rules the Elf-realm of Melinarë today.