Lost City of Elutheria

Elutheria was once the capitol of the Elven realm of Ectharë and the greatest city of the Silvar-Elves. Upon its ruins, the human city of Atharavon now stands.

Elutheria was once home to the magnificent Greenleaf Palace, which held the Eternal Throne of Ectharë.

The city was destroyed by the Dark-Elves in the last years of the War of Wrath. Afterward, the ruins were abandoned for many centuries.

Eventually, the Amari people founded a settlement called Atharavon, upon its crumbled foundations.

One can still gain access to the ruins of the ancient, elven city through various sewers and catacombs.

Long ago, most of these entrances were sealed off by the Veiled Society, for there are still ancient elvish artifacts that no one wants to see fall into the wrong hands.

The most well-known of these entrances is a well, located inside the cellar of the Yawning Portal; a local watering hole in the city of Atharavon.

The Veiled Society strictly prohibits entrance to the catacombs. Despite this, many brave adventurers delve down into the dozens of layers of catacombs, dungeons and underground passages that lead down into the Underdark.

Few of those hardy souls ever return.