Margrave Elvana Balfor

Elvana Balfor was the ruler of the City-state of Cymereth at the time of the Wars of Destiny.

Elvana Balfor was a powerful Vaas noble-woman, who hailed from the Vryne Clan. Her family, the House of Balfor, had ruled over the City-state of Cymereth for centuries.

All of that changed when Lord Erin Fremantle began his epic series of campaign to unite the Vaas territories into a single kingdom.

Elvana opposed Lord Erin and their two armies clashed in a long and bloody campaign. When her army was finally defeated at the Battle of Shardel, Elvana was forced to flee Cymereth.

She fled into exile on the Isle of Cynara, ending the rule of House Balfor.

King Erin Fremantle never forgave Elvana, and put a bounty on her life until the end of her days. After the war ended, her beloved city became part of the newly-established kingdom of Erindar, and the magnificent palace built by Cymion Balfor was taken over by Lord Marco of the House of Mondragon.