Elven Guilds
Common Elven
Brotherhood of Pathfinders Toror' Taur'ohtarie
Clan Axepeak (Flat Metal) Laara'tincoras
Grey Knights of the Balance (Neutral warriors) Qualohtarie
KAAOS (Dark demi-gods) Morimaikarea
Knights of the Eternal Flame (KEF) Ohtar en Oionaaru
The Black Wind (ITB) Morsul
The Grey Company Tel'Mithrim
The Harpers (HG) Nandaror
The Night Masks Tel'Domeduathea
The Shadow Alliance(The Grey Shadows) Tel'Sindavathar
The Sun Guild (Sun Champions) Tel'Anor Arator
Those Who Keep Vigil (Sentinels) Khedron-Noronë *
Undead Lords (UDL) Guinahiroo
  • Original Corwyn term

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