Queen Elwyn Fremantle

Queen Elwyn Fremantle was a famous ruler of Erindar, who was forced to abdicate the Ivory Throne after the War of Succession. She fled west and later formed a new kingdom called Elyria.

Elwyn became the last Fremantle ruler of Erindar and the founder and first ruler of Elyria. She assumed the Ivory Throne of Erindar in 625/5, and ruled Erindar for twenty-seven years.

Lady Elwyn was born to the powerful Elyr family from Rilsavar. When she was seventeen, she married King Erin Fremantle IV; the twenty-third monarch of Erindar. King Erin IV was king and strong, and a great warrior. Unfortunately, he marched off to war in service to Empress Ravinia and was slain at the Battle of Harkalad in 625/5, leaving the young Queen a widow with a young son named Prince Escador.

War of Succession

Queen Elwyn was the twenty-fourth and last Fremantle ruler of Erindar, but in 32/6, was forced to abdicate following an uprising led by Duke Eldred Orsini. This brutal conflict was called the War of Succession.

After her abdication in 32/6, Elwyn made the city of Rilsavar her new capital and formed the kingdom of Elyria. That same year, she assumed the Darkwood Throne. Eldred then became the new king of Erindar, and his family continued to rule that country until the Halberon Uprising.

When Queen Elwyn died in the year 39/6, her son Escador became the new king of Elyria.