Emerald War

(1228-1229/6) The Emerald War was a bloody conflict between Rennsfar and Serathyr over regional emerald trade.

The war began when king Doran Hansafar II of Serathyr invaded Rennsfar over rights to the lucrative emerald trade in the Sea of Ralas. The war was very costly, with two major bloody battles. First was the Battle of Kestra, where the invading Serathian army was annihilated. Second was the Battle of Falcon Bay, where the Serathian Navy was defeated.

Although the war ended in a humiliating defeat for Serathyr, there is still much bitterness today among survivors on both sides. King Argilan Garistano II of Rennsfar was killed in this war, and his widow, Queen Arathea rules the kingdom today.