Emil Dracktus

Dracktus is currently the Lord of Dracktus Manor and the representative for the Shadowshore District on the Dawn Council of Sasserine.

Dracktus is rumored to be involved in various criminal underworld activities and has a well-deserved reputation as the most dangerous man in the city of Sasserine. It is whispered that Dracktus took over the estate he lives in after murdering its previous occupants during the Uprising, twenty years ago.

Many locals believe that Dracktus is the assumed name of some poor soul he murdered long ago. But none deny Dracktus' influence in the city; he secretly controls most of the profitable black market and smuggling operations in Sasserine, owns several brothels and gambling houses, and controls several Thieves' Guilds.

At the present time, Dracktus' only competition for control of the Sasserine underworld is a ruthless rival gang known as the Lotus Dragons.