King Endacil Redmond

Endacil Redmond was an ambitious Cynaran warlord who founded the ancient kingdom of Urland.

In the Third Age, the Isle of Cynara was plagued with constant internecine conflicts between competing Cynaran Warlords.

One of these warlords was Endacil Redmond, who waged a long campaign to unite all the Cynaran tribes and take control of the Isle of Cynara. In the year 846/3, after a series of victories over his rivals, Endacil established "Urland;" the earliest human Kingdom in northwestern Corwyn.

After being crowned, Endacil chose the abandoned elvish fortress of Erôn-Khorlöth as his royal citadel. He ordered the ancient castle rebuilt and reigned upon the Garnet Chair for many more years.

After consolidating his power on the Isle of Cynara in 846/3, King Endacil expanded his holdings even further. He ordered his armies to invade the Eastvale region, where they conquered much of northwestern Corwyn, including the cities of Amhorst and Stonebridge.

In an even larger campaign, Endacil's forces conquered almost all of Westvale Island, which was forty-times larger in size than his home Island of Cynara.

By the time his death in 879/3, Endacil Redmond was the undisputed ruler of much of what is today the nations of Derianor, Iskandar, and Elyria. His descendants continued to rule the kingdom for another 325 years.