Home Plane: Athylon
Alignment: Lawful Good
Domains: Animal, Good, Plant, Repose, Sun
Portfolio: Creation, Life, Existence, Balance
Worshipers Paladins, Farmers, Merchants, Druids
Symbol: Throne
Enom is Corwyn’s God of Creation and Life.

Enom is the oldest and most powerful of the lawful deities. He was created directly by the Unnamed One, along with his Al-Karym; the God of Death, Ethenghar; the God of Destiny, Atanavar; the God of Knowledge, and the four Elemental Deities.

Enom is also the father of Karmalok; the God of Nature, and Ator; the God of Light.

The God of Creation and Life is noble and just, and breathes life into all living things and oversees the birth of all mortals. He brings joy and fulfillment to the world. His symbol is a great Throne, from which he surveys all life in its glory. His followers wear white robes to symbolize the sanctity of life itself. Enom has few temples to glorify him, but the greatest of these is located on the Avenue of Deities in the city of Elsareth.

Enom’s followers construct few temples to glorify their master, but the ones built are magnificent, with tall ceilings, columns, and richly and lavishly appointed to glorify the essence of creation and life. Every temple has a gigantic stone throne, which is always empty, so that the God may sit and observe his followers give homage to his greatness. Enom’s chief rival is the chaotic God Al-Karym.