King Eradan Myrnäe

One of the Seven Champions of the West and founder of the Rynnish Kingdom of Alveron. Eradan was the first holder of AVENGER; one of the seven Melanthir swords, given to him by the Council of Sorcerë as a reward for his courage and leadership. Eradan founded the Aeryn kingdom of Alveron in 7/4 and assumed the Raven Throne. Eradan also ordered construction of Castle Myrdon, one of the great fortresses of Corwyn. He is considered among the greatest of Rynnish heroes. Eradan is doubly famous for capturing Alokkair the sorcerer in combat during the Battle of Thürdrum.

Eradan was the first monarch of the Myrnäe Dynasty. The surname "Myrnäe" was given to King Eradan by the Council of Sorcerë; it means "Hailing from across the sea" in elvish. Legends say that the Saar believed Eradan to have elvish blood; and his origin was from Eryn Norvë; the ancestral home of the Elder-Elves.