(population: 33,000) Located on the Iron Coast of Westvale Island, Erath is the sixth largest city in the kingdom of Iskandar.

This bustling city derives its wealth from both road traffic along the Kingsway and its position as one of the great seaports on the Iron Sea.

Erath's largest exports are rich grains harvested from the nearby Plains of Mehia and timber from the nearby Thistlewood.

The city is one of the largest Iskari seaports. At any time over 300 ships can be found in its sprawling harbor; from the cities of: Coradan, Elsareth, Natharos, Pike's Ferry, Rastios, Tymor, and Wyn Falas.

The city is currently governed by Duke Urnst Kessel, who also rules over the Duchy of Namsos.


The city of Erath was once the capital of Namsos, a regional Thaindom of the ancient Kingdom of Urland.

At the end of the Forty-Years War, Edvard; the last Cynaran Thain of Erath surrendered to the Iskari forces of King Ilnavel Cyrenäe and it has been ruled by Iskari overlords ever since. At that time, the city became the seat of the Iskari Duchy of Namsos.