The Erehui ("Dust Barbarians")

The Erehui peoples, commonly called 'Dust Barbarians,' reside in the southern Erehui Valley, are an ethnic offshoot of the Thann, and are similar in appearance, coloring, and speech.

They are separated from the harsh Sea of Sand by the Erehui and Redpeaks Mountains, and there is little contact between them and either the Thannish peoples of Eldara or the nomadic Vilzari.

Over the centuries, the Erehui have developed their own language, customs, and tribal structures. They are friendly with the scattered dwarvish settlements of the mountains, but do not wish for contact with others. They both hate and fear the Vilzari for the desert nomads frequently raid their villages in the valley for fresh slaves or simple plunder.

The Erehui barbarians have little in common with the Thannish peoples of Eldara and Orel. Their customs and tribal structure are very different from the urban dwelling Thannish peoples of those kingdoms.

Thousands of years ago, the ancestors of these people populated the Sultanate of Khem and the Tekritian League; both of which are long lost to history.