The Kashardi ("Dust Barbarians")

The Kashardi people; commonly called "Dust Barbarians," are one of the oldest ethnic groups on Corwyn, who dwell in Erehui Valley, the Redpeaks, and the Il'Thrak Mountains.

Although the so-called "dust-barbarians" dwell throughout southern Corwyn, they live in mostly isolated communities. Most Kashardi tribes which reside in the Erehui Valley are separated from the harsh Sea of Sand by the massive Erehui and Redpeaks Mountain ranges. Their people harbor a bitter hatred toward the Vilzari, for those desert nomads frequently raid their villages for fresh slaves or plunder.

Over the centuries, the Kashardi have developed their own distinct language, customs, and tribal structures. They have remained friendly with a few scattered dwarvish settlements of the mountains, but do not usually desire contact with others.

The Kashardi are ethnically similar to the Thann, in appearance, although their culture, traditions, and speech are entirely distinct from the Thannish peoples of Eldara, Gwynne, and Orel, and their societal structures are quite different from the urban-dwelling peoples of those kingdoms.

The Kashardi are famous for their love of beasts; most tribes have tamed wild animals to serve as pets and guardians. These beasts include, tigers, panthers, and wild boars.


Thousands of years ago, the ancestors of these people; led by a famous hero named Kashar, founded the Sultanate of Khem and its magnificent city of Zangaro. The Kashardi peoples were also members of the Tekritian League; a political alliance long lost to history. Legends have it; that in its heyday, the Kashardi cities of Khadam and Zangaro were magnificent to behold. Today, those two ancient are only ruins; a grim legacy of the ancient Kashardi civilization.