Erehui Valley (Valley of Lost Cities)

(pronounced: Air-ah-hwee) Secluded behind the ramparts of the gigantic Erehui Mountains to the west and the Redpeaks to the north, the Erehui Valley is essentially another world from the harsh desert of Myr Gelyn and rocky scrub-lands of the Dunlands. The Erehui Valley is sometimes referred to as the "Valley of Lost Cities," because of the many scattered ruins found there.

Because of its inaccessibility and natural barriers, an entirely distinct Thannish culture has blossomed here over the centuries. The people of the Erehui Valley are known locally as the Kashardi. Thousands of years ago, these folk built the magnificent cities of Khem and Khadam; today they live a simple life in their mountain valleys and caves. There are few passages between the valley and the outside world, and even fewer visitors. The Erehui Valley is bordered on the north by the Redpeaks, on the south and west by the Erehui Mountains, and on the East by the Sea of Orel.


In the Second Age, this region was home to a great Kashardi civilization called the Sultanate of Khem; An ancient realm located east of the Erehui Mountains. It was later conquered and became a vassal state of Shorafa. Centuries later, the city rebelled and joined with the Tekritian League against Shorafi rule. The Last Sultan of Khem was slain in this uprising and the coastal city of Erespun destroyed by the Pharoah’s armies.

Also, this valley was home to three ancient member-cities of the Tekritian League; another ancient power. Both the Tekritian League and the Sultanate of Khem were eventually conquered and destroyed by the the Empire of Shorafa.


Today, the ruins of four lost cities; Arad, Khadam, Khös and Erespun can still be found here, as well as dozens of scattered sites of fallen temples and other ancient structures forgotten to history. Many millennia ago, two different ancient civilizations; the Sultanate of Khem and the Tekritian League, existed in this region.