Eridani Dynasty

The Eridani Dynasty is the current royal family of Gwynne.

The Eridanis are descended from King Garathar, who assumed rulership of the Kingdom in the year 674/6, after the death of King Gheren Taraghon III at the Battle of Krell.

The House of Eridani has ruled Gwynne for 573 years and 23 members of the family have sat upon the Crimson Throne at Castle Manticore.

The current monarch is the elderly and frail King Garik II. However, much of the actual rule of the kingdom lies in the hands of Garik’s eldest son, Prince Gerold, and the King's scheming second wife, Queen Ileosa

The Eridani Rulers of Gwynne

Garathar 674-681/6
Garyld 681-704/6
Gerold 704-728/6 †
Glorio 728-760/6
Garathar II 760-783/6
Giselle 783-804/6
Galiron 804-825/6 †
Melara 825-859/6
Grenn II 859-887/6
Garth 887-901/6 †
Garyld II 901-936/6
Gretchyn 936-960/6
Garathar III 960-989/6
Garik 989-1022/6 †
Garth II 1022-1054/6
Galiron II 1054-1075/6
Gregor II 1075-1089/6 †
Galen 1089-1133/6
Garth III 1133-1152/6
Garathar IV 1152-1170/6
Gayorg II 1170-1195/6 †
Garrett 1195-1218/6
Garik II 1218/6-present