King Erin Fremantle

Erin Fremantle was the founder and first ruler of Erindar, who assumed the Ivory Throne in the year 14/5, after his victory in the Wars of Destiny.

Erin was born into the ancient Eldir Clan; the largest of the nine ethnic sub-groups of the Vaas people.

Erin grew into an aspiring Vaas nobleman, who first rose to prominence during the War of the Pretender. It was during that bloody conflict that Erin's heroic exploits against the orc-hordes of Alokkair won him wide acclaim among his people.

After Alokkair's defeat and capture, Ravinia Myrnäe offered Erin the opportunity to join her fledgling Empire as one of her loyal vassal-Lords. Because of his fierce sense of independence, Erin refused her offer. Instead, he chose to pursue his "destiny" and forge his own Vaas kingdom that would answer to no one.

In the early years of the Fifth Age, Erin returned to the Highlands with the intention finally uniting all of the Vaas people under a single banner. But this was to be no easy task, as other Vaas warlords had tried and failed many times before.

Erin's Wars of Destiny against the rival Vaas warlords raged for nearly thirteen years before he finally achieved his final victory. Erin then proclaimed himself the first King of Erindar, and became the first monarch from the illustrious Fremantle Dynasty.

King Erin Fremantle is considered one of the greatest Vaas warriors who ever lived, having survived over 100 battles. He later married Princess Cordova, who was the love of his life. He later built a magnificent palace for her and named it in her honor.