King Erin Fremantle IV

Erin Fremantle IV was the twenty-third ruler of Erindar from the Fremantle Dynasty.

Erin was named for his ancestor, King Erin I, who had founded the kingdom of Erindar many centuries earlier. Erin grew up in troubled times, as the threat of Sorimmar was growing ever deadlier.

As a young man, he fell in love with and married the beautiful Lady Elwyn of House Elyr; a powerful family from Rilsavar. After being married only two years, the couple gave birth to a son; Prince Escador.

Sadly, King Erin IV did not live long enough to see his son grow up. When the War of the Cataclysm began, the king called his banners and marched off to fight under Empress Ravinia. Tragically, Erin was slain at the terrible Battle of Harkalad.

His wife, Elwyn succeeded him on the Ivory Throne as Queen Regent, but her reign was beset with internal strife, and later, outright civil war.