City-State of Eriskhar

Capitol: Eriskhar
City Population: 54,000 (89 % Eloysian, 11% other)
Total Population: 83,000 (85 % Eloysian, 15% other)
Government: Monarchy
Current Leader: King Rhazhal Hafiz
Coat of Arms: purple & yellow butterfly on pale blue field
Exports: gold, silver, gems

Eriskhar is a powerful city-state located in the midlands region of Avokhar, in a southern valley of the Slumbering Mountains. There is a small river called the Eris that carries barges of cargo down to the northern coast of the Gulf of Ankhara, but trade here is limited , and the city has remained secluded, compared to her neighbors. Erishkar derives most of its wealth from sales of gold, sliver and gems that are mined in the pits of the Slumbering Mountains by huge numbers of Tasloi slaves.


In the early days of the Eloysian Empire, Eriskhar was a powerful City-State, ruled by King Satiro. King Satiro foolishly defied Queen Lorica for several years and violated the treaties she has set forth; refusing tribute. When the young Emperor Al'Dur came to power, Satiro believed that by making an alliance with King Tarxian of Oriad, together they could crush the so-called "boy-king" and destroy the power of Eloysia. Thus began the Tarxian Wars in the year AR 003. Contrary to all expectations, Al'Dur's armies swiftly defeated the armies of both Oriad and Eriskhar, despite his youth.


In the year AR 006, King Tarxian was slain at the Battle of Kesh-Tekhol, and that same year his city was captured and sacked by the Eloysians. By AR 008, King Satiro wisely realized his futile position, and bent the knee. The City of Eriskhar surrendered and became subject to the Eloysian Empire for the next two millennia. Even after the fall of the empire, the city has never again been a great power.