King Eromir Myrnäe III

Eromir Myrnäe III was the 39th ruler of Alveron, a mighty warrior, and one of the most enduring heroes of the Rynnish people.

Eromir led the Rynnish armies in the War of the Pretender and in 1297/4, killed Alokkair the Lich-King in single combat during the great Battle of the Dawn. He also captured the Sword of Akhmahra and brought it back to Castle Myrdon as a war-prize. Upon his death in 27/5, the throne passed to his son, Elgor II, whose daughter Ravinia became the famous "Immortal Empress" a few short years later.

It was only through the famous victories of Eromir that allowed for his granddaughter to found the Ravinian Empire.