Daggerfell Keep (Erôn-Kelerath)

Daggerfell Keep; also called "Erôn-Kelerath" and the "Castle of the Crossroads," is a ancient ruined fortress located in the kingdom of Elyria.

This gloomy, haunted ruin is located on a tall hill overlooking the junction of the Kingsway and the Axeway. The castle was originally built by the Ravinian Empire in the Fifth Age to guard the Crossroads, and was taken over by Elyria in the Sixth Age. The castle later played an important, yet sinister role in the the Tunston Uprising.

After the Tunston Uprising ended in 1036/6, Elyrian rebels captured the Castle and prepared to coronate Duke Silas Tunston of Grüenwald as their new king. However, rival nobles led by Duke Furion Whitacre planned a bloody ambush within the castle on the night of the victory feast.

After dinner, the guests went to bed. Later that evening, Silas, his entire family, and all his vassals, were butchered within the castle walls. After the massacre, Furion proclaimed himself the new king of Elyria. Because of this massacre, the castle is said to be haunted to this very day.

The fortress later burned under mysterious circumstances. It was never been rebuilt.

Today, the ruined castle and the lands surrounding it are believed to be haunted. The Green Gryffon Inn, which is located at the crossroads, is less than a mile away from the ruins.