Its elvish name translates to "Castle Strong-Fist." This ancient castle is located on the northeast coast of the Isle of Cynara. The fortress lies on a tall cliff overlooking the Sea of Vaas. It surrounded by the large seaside town of Swanford. Both the town and the fortress are located at the eastern edge of the Forbidden Forest. The castle that now serves as the citadel of the Veiled Society.

Nestled on a tall imposing cliff overlooking the Sea of Vaas, on the western coast of the Island, and surrounded by a small seaport town along the shore, the fortress is quite secluded. To protect its seclusion, the wizards of the Veiled Society have erected a permanent wall of force around the perimeter of the castle, and at the front gate are two giant Chimera statues, which come to life instantly if the proper passwords are not given. Once inside, the castle is a labyrinth of secret passages, wizard-locked doors and invisible portals to other planes and distant realms. Not to mention that the members of the Society will attack any trespassers on sight. The castle is home to many great libraries and magical laboratories, as well as vaults of magical treasure hoarded by the Society. If the castle and the Society were ever threatened by a force so powerful that they feared defeat, the Circle could call upon their oldest ally, a powerful Gold Dragon named Calefax; an ancient Great Wyrm who helped found the Society three-thousand years ago.

On the grounds near the castle is the enormous Forbidden Forest. In it can be found dozens of strange human statues, for in ancient times the castle was home to an Iskari noble named Duke Ilros Marghon, who along with his subjects, was turned to stone by a great Basilisk in the late Fifth Age. This was how the Society came to take control of the castle. Its previous occupants had been petrified. The statues of the unfortunate victims are scattered throughout the castle halls, walls, and grounds, and are used as a sort of macabre decoration by the Society, as a cautionary tale, and as reminders for intruders to stay away, for several greater Basilisks still roam the dense woods near the castle’s landward approach. Many locals call this region the ‘Petrified Forest.’


The castle was originally built by the Elder-Elves in the late First Age and served as a stronghold during the War of Wrath. By the end of Second Age, the castle was abandoned by the elves and was later taken over and re-built by tribes of Cynarans under House Redmond. It served for three centuries as the citadel of first human kingdom on the Isle of Cynara; called Khorlöth (where the castle derives its name).


At the end of the Forty-Years War; the Iskari armies successfully besieged the castle during the climactic Battle of Swanford. The castle was destroyed in the conflict and left a ruin for many years. The fortress was then taken over by the Cynaran noble House of Strongfist and for a time was a stronghold of Teraxas Strongfist.

When Teraxas rebelled against the Iskari monarchy during the Iskari Civil War, this castle was his citadel. After the Iskari Civil War ended, the House of Strongfist was destroyed and the castle once again burnt and abandoned. For several centuries the castle sat empty until the Fifth Age, when it was taken over by a petty Iskari noble named Ilros Marghon. The Marghon family had no better luck with the castle then any of its previous inhabitants. Soon thereafter, a vicious basilisk turned all its inhabitants into stone statues, and the castle was once again abandoned. The castle sat vacant for several more centuries, until it was was rebuilt once again the early Sixth Age. This time, its new owners were the mysterious Veiled Society, who greatly rebuilt the fortress and expanded it over the centuries.