‘castle of dread.’ (Svt) originally built in the late Second Age by the Dark-Elves; this castle on a small island in the center of the Sür has a long and terrible history. The castle was originally a laboratory, where foul and terrifying experiments were undertaken on men, elves, and beasts. This led to the terrible pollution of the lake that surrounded the island, and it became accessible only by special metal-hulled ferries that could withstand the acidic nature of the waters. After the fall of Drotharë and the end of the War of Wrath, the Drothë abandoned the castle and its many dark secrets. It was soon taken over by Alokkair, who had been an apprentice of the Dark-Elves and wished to learn more of their magical secrets. The castle became his citadel for many years, during which time he grew into a malevolent undead spirit and trapped a powerful demon within the castle’s dungeons. During the rise of the dark kingdom of Adar, the castle was an important citadel of the easterners. After the destruction of Alokkair and the kingdom of Adar, the castle was abandoned for many years. It was then taken over by a rogue group of evil knights who called their order and their new realm, Süroth. With the banishment of Sorimmar to the east, he came to dwell at the castle and soon took control of the Süroth knights and their territory. With the rise of the realm of Morgoth and the capture of Erôn-Mystarë, Sorimmar left Erôn-Mored and dwelt at the newer and much larger castle of Erôn-Gothmar. He then gave the island castle to his seven Zûl to be their citadel of fear and despair. The castle was besieged and burned down by the armies of the West at the conclusion of the War of the Cataclysm, but not completely destroyed. It currently remains a blackened and charred ruin, inhabited only by the Zûl and an army of orcs and undead creatures.