Eryn Norvë (the Unknown Lands)

Eryn Norvë; commonly known as the "Unknown Lands" or the "Forbidden Continent," is one of the five continents of Oris.

These lands, which are known only to the Grey-Elves, are located far to the west of Corwyn, across the Wyn Myr.

Only a select few human sailors have even glimpsed this far-off, exotic land which is the mythical home of all elves. From these shores, the Silvar-Elves sailed to Corwyn in the First Age.

Few, if any, men have ever seen the continent. Legend has it; Erevon Elashaar, the Elvish God of the Sea, does not allow passage to any ships other than those sailed by elves.

Tales also speak of great cities, and places where the Gods themselves walk freely. Only the Grey-Elves regularly visit this far off continent, and dangerous, violent storms make the trip extremely dangerous.

The only known city on this continent is the seaport of Rys Thalor, located on the eastern coast. Beyond the city is the enormous wasteland called the Red Desert.

Beyond that, most of the remainder of the continent is covered by the enormous woodland called the Emerald Forest.