Escalon Dynasty

The Escalon Dynasty is the current Royal family of Ammarind.

House Escalon is a Amador family descended from King Khedric, who assumed rulership of the Kingdom in the year 952/6, after the death of King Haldric Selwyn during the War of the Forgotten King.

The Escalon family has ruled the kingdom for 295 years and eleven rulers have sat upon the Brass Throne at Athos-Sorel.

The current monarch is King Ulric II.

The Escalon Rulers of Ammarind

Khedric 952-987/6 *
Anrik 987-1010/6
Khedric II 1010-1035/6
Rodrik 1035-1063/6
Maladric 1063-1089/6 †
Ulric 1089-1120/6
Osric 1120-1152/6
Cedric 1152-1177/6
Maladric II 1177-1193/6
Thorik 1193-1221/6 †
Ulric 1221/6-present