Etahr is Corwyn’s God of Strength.
Home Plane: Athylon
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Domains: Law, good, war
Portfolio: Strength, courage, valor
Worshipers soldiers, barbarians
Symbol: Shield

Etahr is the son of Enom; the God of Creation and the father of Acerion, the God of Valor. Etahr is the master of all strength in the world. As such, he is also the Patron-Deity of conviction, battle, games, contests, many barbarians, and most warriors.

His symbol is a great silver Shield, made from the first metal forged on Corwyn. Etahr is a simple, proud, and uncompromising God, and his followers are fierce opponents in any test of strength, battle, or argument.

Clerics of Etahe wear bright red robes to represent the power of the strength of their master, and are usually barbarians, warrior-priests, and fighters of all types.

Etahr’s followers erect tall temples to glorify the strength of their master upholding the foundations of their beliefs, and worship by constant tests of courage and bravery to ensure they are worthy. His greatest temple is located in the city of Elsareth on the Avenue of Deities. Etahr’s chief rival is the chaotic Goddess Ilsundal.